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Buying Instagram followers — simplified

Grow your Instagram following with the tips and advice from CopyGram.

How do users buy Instagram followers?

CopyGram accepts all major credit cards as payment, through secure checkout methods. We do not store your credit card information, and the payment is processed instantly. By doing so, you can rest assured in the safety of your banking info and personal data. Users can also choose to buy Instagram likes and views if they wish to do so..

How long can I expect followers to remain on my account?

Once you place an order, CopyGram keeps an eye on your account for up to 30 days. If you, by chance, begin losing followers, we will reimburse your account with additional followers. The initial followers, as well as any reimbursed followers, adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines, terms, and conditions. This ensures your account remains active and doesn’t face any shadowbans.

Is it illegal in the USA to buy Instagram followers?

The followers provided by CopyGram are legal in the USA. The idea that buying followers is illegal is simply a myth. To protect your personal data, in adherence to Instagram’s conditions, you should ensure your new followers are purchased through a reputable platform – such as CopyGram.

Do you require my Instagram password to order?

CopyGram does not require any sensitive information, such as your password, to complete a purchase or receive the delivery. By ensuring your profile is set to public, we can quickly deliver your chosen follower package with ease.

Instagram does shadowban accounts that meet certain criteria in violation of their terms and conditions. To avoid any repercussions, ensure your followers are purchased through a reputable platform, with a long history of positive customer reviews, and years of experience.

It’s also highly advisable to avoid any websites claiming to provide a higher follower account by providing your username and password. A reputable source would never require sensitive information such as your password.

How can I gain more Instagram followers?

Direct messaging is another way to gain organic Instagram followers, aside from posting, and other marketing efforts (including competitions). Is it worth putting your time into outdated methods that take more time to work? Your time is valuable! Regardless of your organic efforts, however, purchasing follower packages can help supplement your count while also filling in the gaps.

What quality of followers can I expect?

A higher follower account equals authority. CopyGram provides Instagram influencers and brands alike with the highest quality followers possible. Our sources utilize real Instagram users, such as yourself, to preserve the integrity of the account you’re working to grow.

By taking your likes, followers, and engagement counts into consideration, it’s easy to watch our followers packages go into work. These analytics play an important role in social media marketing and work as a form of assurance that your money was put to good use with CopyGram.

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CopyGram is known for its high level of quality, fast delivery, and overall reputation. As such, we have received thousands of positive reviews.

Why should you buy Instagram followers?

Are you looking to increase overall sales while also boosting organic views? CopyGram plays a vital role in your brand’s marketing planning efforts.

The Pros of Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is social media platform toting over 1 billion users on a monthly basis. Up to half of the said followers scroll through their feed every single day. By harnessing the power of social media marketing, you can gain a piece of that percentage with very little effort.

Utilizing Instagram may seem difficult, especially when you aren’t starting off with the correct number of USA followers. Purchasing Instagram followers from CopyGram serves as the perfect solution to the initial stages of building an Instagram audience.

How does your audience perceive you? In all reality, your Instagram followers are one simple piece of a pie, also consisting of influencers, business partners, and more. As your number of followers increases, your ability to impress upon various uses increases. In turn, this helps your account appear more authoritative, trustworthy, etc.

How expensive are USA-based Instagram followers?

Chances are, as an Instagram user, you have seen or visited websites similar to CopyGram. Although they promise the highest quality followers, they have a hard time delivering on their promises. Before long, you’ve spent hard-earned cash, and the followers don’t have what it takes to stick around for the long haul.

When Instagram followers are sourced via fake auto bots, your Instagram account faces shadowbans and more. By teaming up with CopyGram, you ensure an increase in active engagement, revenue, and even social proof. For a low investment, your account will begin to gain exposure as well as a following that will stand the test of time.

Why should brands opt for CopyGram?

Instagram’s explore page enables users to view posts receiving thousands of views. Brands successful at landing on the explore page understand the time spent on Instagram by the average user – 53 minutes per day. Even brands like Sephora, Starbucks, and more take advantage of social influence to tap into following of 35 years of age or younger.

How is this possible? By purchasing Instagram followers, Instagram users have access to social influence as needed. CopyGram provides the strength your Instagram account craves, with followers derived from genuine users.

Buy Instagram followers from CopyGram

On CopyGram, clients are provided with the highest quality followers possible. This is accomplished thanks to our hand-picked team, who are all experts at using Instagram. We monitor accounts of high authority, in order to provide a high-quality experience. Some account analytics include:

  • Likes
  • Video Views
  • Followers
  • Average Engagement
  • Account User Age
  • Popular Posting Day
  • Type of Post Topics

Kick back and relax, as CopyGram takes care of the hard stuff for you. Our active and legitimate Instagram followers are derived from reputable users, just like yourself. Rather than settling for short-term benefits, our Instagram followers provide the long-term benefits you crave.

Why are your Instagram Followers so cheap?

CopyGram’s followers are available at a cheaper price, in order to lower the barrier to entry for your brand overall. This enables it to be perceived as a large brand right off the bat. By being wary of the timeframe of your purchase, you can ensure it fits various factors. As a client of a social media marketing agency,

  • Legitimate followers
  • Post Engagement
  • Instant Follower Delivery
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Is buying Instagram followers considered safe?

When it comes time to promote your brand or business over Instagram, you might find yourself worrying over safety and risk. If you could eliminate your risk of loss of income, in an easy and effective manner, wouldn’t you take the opportunity? Our team of experts understands your needs and will cater to them accordingly. By teaming up with a reputable company, like CopyGram, you can rest assured that the followers in your order are authentic and genuine.

What’s the turnaround time?

When it comes to delivery, CopyGram observes a quick turnaround time. Once you have entered your details and made a payment, the rest is up to us. Within a two-minute timeframe past a completed payment, your order will begin to deliver.

With a combined 13 years of experience in social media, CopyGram has tailored the bulk of its service in order to provide high-quality follows in a short span of time. Interested in what other people have to say? View our customer reviews and see exactly how custom fit our service is to your needs.

How does buying followers affect my Instagram account?

Over the past 7 years, users have been purchasing IG followers to increase exposure on their social media platforms – including Instagram. Because of our follower sourcing, CopyGram utilizes practices that never put your account at risk of a shadow ban. We aren’t here for short-term gains – your success on Instagram is our goal.

What is Instagram’s shadowban?

Instagram uses methods such as shadow banning for accounts that meet certain criteria in violation of terms, etc. Your follower count does not put you at risk, nor will it to buy real Instagram followers from CopyGram. CopyGram only provides real accounts as our target audience, so you will not have to worry about receiving fake accounts that follow you — ever.

By ensuring our practices strictly adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by Instagram, we are poised to maintain a risk-free process. By doing so, you can grow your Instagram audience through our follower packages in a safe environment.

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