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Large Instagram Poster

$59 USD for a large 28x40 inch poster, fits a total of 140 photos.

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Large Instagram Poster

$59 USD

International shipping $6 USD and free shipping on orders from $79 USD

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This is the one product, our flagship - You’ll be absolutely amazed with the shear size and quality of this poster. It measures 28x40 inches (70x100cm) and fits a total of 140 photos each measuring 6x6cm that’s almost 20% larger than on your iPhone screen. They are aligned in a nice grid.

Each poster comes pre-cut in a flat sheet of paper and is carefully placed inside our printer, they are all equipped with an authentication id. We then gently place a cover sheet and roll your poster in a single move and place it inside a tube, making it comfortable before the currier picks it up.

This product is printed on a 300 grams, ultra matte, high-quality textured paper that we carefully choose for this product only, it’s an archival category paper with low color decay levels. Made primarily for museums and art venues.  

This is a perfect way of collecting them photos from an entire season, frame them and make them into nice wall decorations for your home.

Large Instagram Poster - LOOK BOOK

Instagram Photos
Instagram Photos
Instagram Photos
Instagram Photos
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